Telescopic Ladder price in Kenya

As the name suggests, a telescopic ladder allows you to adjust the height by pulling out the required number of steps to reach the desired height. It is a great alternative to extension ladders especially when you want a ladder that is highly portable and uses minimal storage space. The telescopic ladder price in Kenya depends on a few factors including quality, maximum height and others.

A telescopic ladder opens up and locks per step, allowing you to open up the ladder to the height you need. This makes it easy to fit and use in tight spaces where other ladders can be cumbersome.

When choosing a telescopic ladder, pay attention to the closure and release systems of the ladder. Good ladders come with easy release systems and one-button retraction systems that quickly retract the ladder from it's full extension. What's more the release and retraction systems should be easy to use and built with your safety in mind.

Another feature to look out for is the carry handle and a strap that keeps the retracted telescopic handle in place. The carry handle is usually integrated in the ladder and built as one of the steps so you can easily carry the ladder when it is fully retracted.

Do not also forget to consider the material used to make the telescopic handle and the maximum load it can hold. Expect higher telescopic ladder prices in Kenya for ladders made using high quality materials such as aluminum and those that can hold heavy loads.

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